My name is Sheri Price Lawson and I'm married to Steve, an amazing man who has opened my eyes and heart to the incredible visual world we live in - and many of the unseen parts as well. We used to live in beautiful South Orange County, CA, just a few minutes from the beach.  But at the end of 2015 some difficult pieces of our lives fell into place.  After losing Steve's mom, Peg on July 1, we made the choice to leave CA. She had graced our humble abode for four years, and her sudden and unexpected death broke our hearts.  But in our grief, we followed our hearts and wound up in what we consider to be one of the most sacred spots on the planet, minutes from Zion National Park in Utah.  More about this later, in another post.  I have three awesome grown children, two daughters and a son, and three brilliant grandsons. There are lots of other people I'd like to mention, like brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc, but then that may take up a little too much time here.

I have never NOT known that a world beyond our five senses exists.  Where subtle vibration and energy connects us to the magic and mystery of our existance.  Being brought up in a devout Mormon community contributed to that understanding, mainly because I think most religions teach of supernatural beings, God or gods, if you will, who have some kind of power to control our destiny (to a certain degree) by rewards for good behavior and punishment for bad.  Who we can reach out to in prayer in times of need and who we believe can bring us comfort during those times.  That very practice itself prepares us for the very real world of energy.

My understanding of that world evolved over time, and I eventually left organized religion when I became aware of the fear tactics often used to keep followers in line.  I believe that fear keeps us from knowing the true essence of the universe.  It keep us from expanding our horizons and exploring the mystery of who we are and where we came from.  Religion teaches us what we "should" believe about that, but it often forbids us from exploring outside their specific doctrine.  Religion does have it's place, however, as it provides the building blocks for understanding morality, and the pitfalls of having no boundaries.

My path has lead me to know the inner voice (which we all have access to) and which also allows us to tap into the beautiful universal mind and heart of what I consider to be the God and Christ Consciousness. Progress requires that our thinking evolves over time.  If it does not, the very beliefs we think are keeping us safe and in God's good graces, may fail us in the end.

Over the past 40 years, I've been honing my innate gifts of being able to see the true souls of people who have yet to find the beauty in themselves. I'm trying to get to the next level now, where  not only see their true beauty, but find ways to help them see it too.  I studied drama in the mid 70's with a metaphysical teacher who awakened me to that miraculous world within.  Since then I have taken a few classes to learn about crystal energy, our Higher Selves, the incredible and colorful world of the chakras, and how to understand the messages from departed souls.  I've also studied with a Native American shaman, and learned much about our connections to the Grandfathers and the wisdom they continue to pass on to the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

After completing a 13 month Intuitive and Clairvoyant course, I began doing intuitive readings for others.  But in the past year I have felt that it was no longer right for me and I have quit offering readings at any price (I used to do the a a sliding scale.)  It takes tremendous energy to tap into another person's energetic data bank, and many people fail to properly interpret the information that comes forth.  For instance, during one of the first readings I ever did, I saw a funeral procession.  A black hearse, followed by expensive black cars, and the woman I was reading dressed in black with a black veil across her face.  I brought this image up, and she could not relate to it at all.  She told me over and over again, no one in her family had died, and she had no idea what the image represented. It wasn't until much later I learned that at the time of the reading she was estranged from her two sons and her grand daughter, whom she had been very close to, after their family business was left in ruins when the housing market collapsed in 2008.  They were losing their multi-million dollar homes and lavish lifestyles, and the pressure of it all had them at total odds with each other.  I knew nothing about any of that when I did her reading, but her inability to make the connection between the funeral images and what was happening in her life, taught me that most people are very literal.  They expect specific, literal information, like dates, times places, names etc, and if a reader can't provide that, they don't see the value.  Energetic information rarely comes in a literal fashion.  So if and when spirit gives me information and tells me it's vital for someone to know, I will pass the information on to them unconditionally.

Now the bulk of my perfectly imperfect life consists of buying and selling beautiful crystals and minerals in many different forms, and enjoying this breathtakingly beautiful area we now reside in. Thanks for stopping my my website, and if you want to learn more about my crystal business, visit my Facebook page, The Joyful Mystic Treasure Chest.  There's something there for everyone of every age.
Blessings on your journey.



  1. Hi Sheri, I think you are my mother's cousin. I am trying to contact you. My mom is Janece Burr Crowther, her mother is a Knight. Please contact me.
    Madaline Chilcutt 801-230-8929 madchil@gmail.com

  2. Hi Sheri, I think you are my mother's cousin. I am trying to contact you. My mom is Janece Burr Crowther, her mother is a Knight. Please contact me.
    Madaline Chilcutt 801-230-8929 madchil@gmail.com

  3. So happy you contacted me Madaline, it was nice to take with you, and I hope we can stay in touch. I will let you know if I hear from Johnny :)